Share ‘Quantity Time’ with friends you can’t visit

The Walton Academy of Victorian Essential Skills was abruptly established in March 2020 as a perpetual residential edification program when the public schools were closed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We embraced a curriculum of reading and rereading the same books, practicing our instruments, cat fancying, and cultivating an air of congenial remoteness.

We began sharing our family—er, academy—catchphrases (“Quantity Time,” “Scream Inside Your Heart,” “Parenting Like It’s the Eighties”) in a series of promotional posters on Instagram. Designed by Chris Walton, the Instagram posts and the postcards they inspired combine fine art (now in the public domain) with elegant and witty typography. 

Each 4" x 6" postcard has a glossy face and a matte back you can write on. Printed by Moo in the U.S.A. Available in sets of 5 or 15 cards. We accept payment via PayPal after confirming that your cards are ready to ship. 

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